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Goodbye to an Old Friend #ThankyouWoWInsider

Yesterday we got confirmation that AOL is closing down Joystiq and all sites associated with it.  That includes WoW Insider.  I made a quick tweet about it yestyerday.Tweet

I actually mean that.  If it wasn’t for WoW insider, I don’t think I would be part of the twitter community.  I started on twitter as a way to keep track of new posts and to gain insight from the writers as many times they would answer questions on twitter as well.  What I found once I started exploring was a rich and vibrant community.  A group of people that are supportive and all share a great love for this game that Blizzard has made for us.  I’ve become friends with many of these people and even managed to find the guild I am now part of because of it.

But that isn’t all that WoW insider has been to me.  If it wasn’t for WoW insider I don’t know that I ever would have started blogging at all.  By showing me these blogs with all these amazing writers with such passion for their subjects, it made me want to share my thoughts as well.  WoW Insider has even affected the way that I play WoW.  My main is a shaman and has been almost since I started.  Until I started reading the shaman posts on WoW Insider, I would only heal for friends and then only on old content.  I didn’t have the knowledge or toolset to really consider healing otherwise, but seeing @LodurZJ and the other shaman writers have such a passion for healing as a shaman led me to dig deeper in the information and eventually try it myself.  I still don’t main spec heal, but I no longer have the trepidation about healing when needed.

I’m sorry to see what is happening to the site and all the outstanding writers and I hope all of you find a way to land on your feet.  I look forward to reading/seeing your work in whatever fashion it may come in.  May your passion continue to shine through, and through all of us may WoW Insider and the community it created live on forever.



Gear Thoughts from a Sometimes Raider

I’m seeing a lot of discussion on twitter today on about gearing in WoW and thought it might be a good idea while the thoughts are running through my head, to put them down somewhere.  First where I’m coming from.  I’m  a part time/causual raider at best.  Most of my experience this expansion has been flex with some normal thrown in and a lot of LFR.  My iLevel is in the 550 range because of this and taking the time and Valor to do upgrades and such.  Now here is what I think.  I expect to get gear commiserate with the content that I’m doing.  If I’m raiding, I should be getting raid drops, if I’m doing heroic dungeons, I should be getting dungeon gear, and if I’m fighting a world boss that is considered Mythic or Heroic level, I should be getting drops that match that level.  Do I deserve the full mythic raid set just because I’m fighting a mythic level world boss?  No, but I should be able to get some mythic level gear from him.  It probably shouldn’t be tier gear, but it should be of equivelant level and stats.  I guess what I’m saying is if you want the gear do the content, with LFG/LFR you still have ways to do the content on your time.  Just my two cents.

Looking Forward – 4.3.2 and Cross Realm Raiding

I don’t know about everyone, but for me with this expansion, Blizzard has unleashed a feature bonanza.  From Real ID to Looking for Raid content has never been more accessible to more of the community.  Has it brought with it problems, of course it has, but to me, the benefits far outweigh the issues I’ve seen arise (mainly trolls within LFR, but honestly they have been around forever).   To me this new patch just adds to the bonanza with the ability to now form raids using Real ID (and hopefully in the future Battletags).

I’m really looking forward to this one, and I think a lot of the community is too.  I know on twitter and the blogosphere there is talk of doing raid nights and I know personally I will get the opportunity to see content that I haven’t been able to see before.  That and getting the opportunity to play in game with the people I talk to all the time on twitter and within the community is something I really look forward too.

I know some in the overall WoW community see this as the death of the traditional guild, but honestly I think they are wrong.  Raiding guilds will still exist because for progression you need a central place to pool assets and honestly it’s easier for coordination.  Other guilds will honestly still exist whether it’s because of guild perks or because of friends.

I think 4.3.2 will do a lot to re-energize the community.  I hope to raid with you all in the future.

As always comments/criticisms are welcome and appreciated.

I was waiting on permission to add this so it wasn’t in the original post, but Saz of World of Saz has created a website for people to get together and setup raids for the new LFR Raiding.  You can find us at Twitterland RaidingLook forward to seeing you all in game.

Wanted to add another quick note for two more sites that have decided to work with getting people together for cross realm raiding.  @vitaemachina has Sleepyhams  a mumble server that has been setup for people to get together and connect for raiding.  Additionally @_Reliq_ has setupLFRaid a place for people to setup profiles to create teams for cross realm raiding, has both EU and US capability.