What Comes Next?

With the recent news that 6.2 is the last major content patch for Warlords of Draenor, I have begun to wonder what will come next for World of Warcraft.  This expansion has been a polarizing expansion across the board, with every change having its own share of celebration and derision, and with WoW now being a venerable game, almost 11 years down the path, what more is there for us the heroes to due in Azeroth and beyond?  Think about it, in the last almost 11 years, we have repulsed the Burning Legion, subdued the Nerubians, taken down the legion a second time, this time on a distant world, dealt with a fallen prince and the undead menace he created, dealt with a rogue dragon, found a long last land and almost destroyed it, and finally gone back in time to stop the threat created by the former horde war chief.  What more must we heroes do?  What would keep us interested in this game?

Here is my opinion on this.  I think at this point there are a couple of different options for what they might do.  It’s entirely speculation, but I think my leading idea on the matter is that we will be dealing with Azshara and a return of the burning legion.  We’ve pissed them off by ruining their plans in Draenor and they are going to want payback.  I don’t believe that they ever quit speaking with Azshara and I also think that she has the power and the capability to provide them a way back to the world.  We may see a new underwater zone, but I have the feeling that this may entail more a revamp of some of the current old world, with a naga invasion.  I think what we will see is the destruction of Bilgewater Harbor as the naga return to Azshara with a vengence.  At the same time there will be an increase in naga activity in Ashenvale and Stranglethorn Vale.  Phasing of these zones will introduce new leveling content dealing with the naga in those regions.  The eradication of Bilgewater will force the Horde to fight on their doorstep while at the same time move to reclaim Kezan and Undermountain for the Goblins, while the alliance moving to help the Draenai and Night Elves will stumble upon long lost Kul Tiras.   Additionally, the Zandarlari seeing an opportunity will make their return in an attempt to rebuild their nation.  This will leave both factions fighting a two sided war as they work together to deal with the newly risen threat.  This will be the first true test for Vol’jin as Thrall fades into the background and Vol’jin must now deal with his old nemesis and friends the Zandalari.

The name of the expansion?  Rise of the Serpent Queen

Just my idea, what do all of you think?


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