Gear Thoughts from a Sometimes Raider

I’m seeing a lot of discussion on twitter today on about gearing in WoW and thought it might be a good idea while the thoughts are running through my head, to put them down somewhere.  First where I’m coming from.  I’m  a part time/causual raider at best.  Most of my experience this expansion has been flex with some normal thrown in and a lot of LFR.  My iLevel is in the 550 range because of this and taking the time and Valor to do upgrades and such.  Now here is what I think.  I expect to get gear commiserate with the content that I’m doing.  If I’m raiding, I should be getting raid drops, if I’m doing heroic dungeons, I should be getting dungeon gear, and if I’m fighting a world boss that is considered Mythic or Heroic level, I should be getting drops that match that level.  Do I deserve the full mythic raid set just because I’m fighting a mythic level world boss?  No, but I should be able to get some mythic level gear from him.  It probably shouldn’t be tier gear, but it should be of equivelant level and stats.  I guess what I’m saying is if you want the gear do the content, with LFG/LFR you still have ways to do the content on your time.  Just my two cents.


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