Mist of Pandaria Press Release – First Impressions

Just wanted to do a quick first impression post on what my thoughts are on the information released last night.  Mainly going to just quickly hit the ones that stuck out to me.

1. New LFR loot system – I really want to take a wait and see on this one, to me it sounds like one roll per boss and if you win the roll you receive a piece of gear if it is on the boss.  Not sure what this means to roll bonuses and such as you won’t be rolling on individual pieces of gear anymore.

2.  Garrosh as the final boss –  I know a lot of people are looking forward to this one, myself included, but I’m looking forward to seeing the story leading to the raid, because currently I don’t see Garrosh as being much worse than some of the bosses I’ve had.

3.  Account wide pets – I’m just going to say it.  This will save me so much farming time as I always seem to want certain pets on specific characters.  Hopefully we will see account wide achievements and mounts soon as well.

4.  New minor glyphs – Very intrigued so far, will be interesting to see what they have planned for every class. Has me wondering if I’m going to be having to carry reagents again though, but we will see.

5.  New dungeons – Loving what I’m hearing so far.  I am looking forward to the revamped Scholomance and Scarlet Monastery, though I’m kind of sad to see Lillian Voss as a Dungeon Boss (Guessing based off Achievement leak).  I thought we might get more story for her.

6.  Challenge Modes, Scenarios, Pet Battles – I see these all as other things to do besides raid at end game and am really glad for the diversity.

7.  11th Character slot – I am glad to see this, I think we all are, however, was really hoping for the removal of the by server limit and just having the by account limit, hopefully that will be something we see in the future.

Just a quick run down of what I see. thanks for indulging me.  As always comments and criticisms are appreciated.


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  1. 1. I’m still slightly confused by this one, though I think I get what they’re saying. I think I will need to see it in action to decide how I feel about it.

    5. But… but… I don’t want to fight Lillian Voss. 😦 Though, I think it makes sense to have to fight her. Or rather, that she doesn’t become our ally. As cool as that would’ve been.

    7. I think Blizzard just doesn’t want people with second accounts to cancel them. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was their reasoning for not getting rid of the server limit (or at least adding more than one extra spot). /tinfoilhat
    That being said… I want more slots, dangit!

  2. I’m liking what I’m hearing on the blogroll (since I didn’t have a chance to play catch-up before work) and I’m currently pretty darned hopeful that MoP will be as much fun as it’s sounding. I’m still waffling over the Farmville/Pokemon aspects—I’m apparently one of the few people who did find FV fun for a bit. Just as long as we don’t start breeding the pets, I’m all good…

    The eleventh slot is nice, but I think I’d agree with you that account limits rather than server limits would have been more appreciated. I’m always a bit wary of lag so I’ve been trying to stay with only those servers near me—and I’m starting to run out of room (altitis is srs bizness!)

  3. I think we’ll see Lilian Voss not there as an enemy, but an ally, but then she’ll get dominated or her soul will be used against us, judging from the info we have (admittedly, not much so far). I’m quite interested to learn WHY she is there though.

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