Altoholism abounds

For those that are wondering, I am still hashing out the post I mentioned in my last post, but figured I should give an update on what I’ve been up to lately.

First off, I finally have my first alliance 85, a Dwarf Shaman named Frazzld on US-Durotan.  He was almost entirely inspired by the fact that there are so many cross realm raiders that are alliance and I wanted a change to participate with them.  Additionally, I have also made it a goal to level a shaman of every race that has them, so this takes me to 3 of the current six races (already had Tauren and Troll).  Upon getting him to 85, I very quickly realized that I missed the support system I have for my toons on the Horde side (have all the professions covered/maxed but engineering).  So I have started leveling more alliance alts as a support system for him.  I am currently working on my first tank, Puria the Draenai Palidan, who will be a jewelcrafter for me and hopefully allow me to learn paladin tanking so that I might try it on my max level horde pally.  I am also leveling a mage, probably will be fire, to give me my enchanter, he’s still low enough level that I may change my mind with him yet (might go priest and try healing that way).  And I’m leveling Grenn the Worgen Hunter, because I wanted to see the storyline for that beginning zone and kind of need the Leather worker.  So I have been bouncing around between these toons as well as a few on other servers in addition to getting my LFR runs in, doing the first half of DS Normal 10 with my friends in the Iron Circle guild on US-Llane and throw in a little of the original Mass Effect for good measure.  So needless to say, I’ve been doing a lot of everything but working on that post, but I promise I will work on it soon.


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  1. I’ve debating rolling an Alliance toon for the same reason. Seems a lot of the twitter-wowers have Ally toons and I be missin out! And if you really wanna have some low level PvP fun roll a disc priest. They’re so overpowered and broken but so fun!

  2. Durotan was my first ever server back 🙂 Awwww memories!!!!! LOL

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