My Mists of Pandaria Wishlist

Blizzard has announced that the Press Tour for Mist of Pandaria will begin in March.  That got me to thinking about what features I would like to see in the new expansion, so below is my wish list for MoP.

1.  Revamp of BC/WotLK content to bring it up to current game time — I know this one isn’t going to happen, especially with how much work they put into old world content for Cataclysm, but would love to see the content for these two areas updated for events that have occurred in game.

2.  Removal of per character server limit — I really want this to happen, while I don’t mind creating characters on other servers to play with friends, I really hate having to go to another server just because I’ve filled all my slots on my current server.  With an 11th character class coming, this needs to change.

3.  Better gear Itemization — I understand that this isn’t an easy one, but it would be nice to as a shaman not to have to ignore most of the valor gear because the stats are the worst possible for me.  Most of my problem with this is it feels almost as my class/spec is ignored in itemization.  I know it’s not true, but as the minority class as far as stats, it does seem that way sometimes.

4.  Kul Tiras — Even as a hordie, I think it’s time for the alliance to have a big epic story line.  I think the introduction of Kul Tiras would present that opportunity.  Not only does this give us some insight into Jaina’s background, it also presents an opportunity to visit one of the unknown human kingdoms.

5.  Lore Progression — I know this is going to happen, but it doesn’t mean I don’t want it.  Looking to see more on what Sylvanas is up to, furthering of the ongoing tensions in the horde.  Some progression for Anduin, as well as with the Dwarven council of three.

Just a quick list, but I honestly think these are my top 5.  You’ll notice I don’t really talk about features, other than the server limit, I know Blizzard will bring a host of new features that will continue to make the game interesting.

As always, comments and criticisms are appreciated.  Thanks for reading.



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  1. Great post, and I couldn’t agree more. I especially agree with 2. As a major altaholic, I -NEED- more character slots! I like my home realm, and want my characters to live there. The thought of having to delete one to make way for a monk, or of having to roll on a different realm make me a sad panda.

  2. Those are all good ideas, you’ve mentioned my top one, character slots. I’ve decided to put all my wishing and hoping into that one. I don’t mind starting a new character on a new server but I do mind being poor again!

  3. Blizzard did suggest previously a “mentoring” system like implemented in the City of Heroes game.
    Such a system allows down-levelling of characters to a level appropriate for content you intend to play with friends.
    It was discussed early in Wrath, but never materialised.
    Maybe this scaling of gear in the challenges I think they are called could be a step in the right direction ?

    Blizzard have discussed potentially removing the per-realm limit and simply making it account-wide 50 characters irrespective of the number per-realm.

  4. Your number 2 is number one on my list. The way things are moving with cross server stuff it makes it less and less necessary to have toons in other reals (at least for me). If I could have all my toons in one realm I would be happy.

  5. 2 would make me so happy. I have alts sprinkled across quite a few servers and being able to bring them all under one roof would be amazing especially now cross server real ID has been added.

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