Playing What I Want

Let me start by saying this post stems from a twitter conversation that happened recently in my timeline and I want to thank @aspana, @glyneth, and @returningtolife for their comments.

During a recent discussion on twitter my timeline kind of exploded with people joking at how simplistic (faceroll) the rotation is for an arcane mage.  I jokingly commented that I wondered if I should be ashamed that I actually enjoy playing arcane.  The three people above quickly posted that I shouldn’t be ashamed and honestly I’m not and never have been.

To me WoW is a game and a real fun one, and because of that I’ve never felt I’ve had to play one spec over another.  In fact for some reason I have a tenancy to play the less popular specs and don’t always have to have the best cookie cutter build at least to start with.  I experiment and because of that I’ve continued to enjoy the game immensely.

Experimentation is what allows the top raiders to eek out that last bit of dps that puts them over the top.  Why should it not be alright for all players to experiment?  Why must there be one right spec?  I do know the answer to the second question at least, gaming is a competition, and we as modern gamers have developed into min/maxer’s always trying to find that magic spot where we are reaching our fullest potential.  There is no real issue with doing this, but to me when you feel that you have to do this with every character you play, it takes away the fun of the game

While I may be in the minority, I kind of like that they try to balance the class and specs dps wise.  I don’t think any player should be brought to a raid just because of their spec or because of a particular buff.  Did I bemoan the lost of being a sole person with Bloodlust, of course I did, but it was needed.  Now we shaman just need to teach those pesky mages and hunters exactly when to use their versions of it.  I actually applaud the decision to completely revamp the talent trees and do like the current direction Blizzard is taking with them.  By changing the trees to skills that are selected every 15 levels no matter the spec will allow players to better tailor how they play.  I don’t think it will change things from some specs are better at some things than others, but I think it may open up for some possibilities that just didn’t happen before.

Well to steer this back on the topic at hand, never be ashamed to play the class/spec you want.  In the end World of Warcraft is a game, and games are about having fun.  So play what you want how you want and ignore those that try to ridicule you for it.  It’s a game folks, lets have some fun.

As always comments and criticisms are welcome.

I apologize in advance for being all over the place, but it felt right to write it this way.


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  1. You should never feel ashamed to play a class because of what other people think of it. I think I know the conversation that sparked this post, and I’m sorry if it made you feel that way. It wasn’t my intention – rather, that a player with a complex rotation may look up one day and go, why am I bothering with this when there are easier options? It’s like when you first realize you could be driving an automatic with lever shifting instead of a standard transmission – like, I can have the control AND not wreck my clutch in stop-and-go traffic? Wait, why am I NOT playing a Mage right now? 🙂

    Play what you enjoy, and don’t feel bad for it. 🙂

    • Cyn,
      I didn’t feel ashamed, never had, my twitter post was mainly in jest, but that of course does not come out well in text. I’ve never been ashamed to play any class I want to. Thank you for your comment and you aren’t playing a mage right now because you are trying to level ash.

  2. Reminds me of BC back before LFD when my kitty tried to get into groups. I’d hear “u resto” I’d say no and get back “nvm” in reply. It may be why I’ve avoided resto like the plague ever since, I’m just contrary.

    I’m here to have fun, that’s it! So feral kitty or whatever you enjoy the most FTW!

    As for how easy or hard Mages are, all I can say is my Mage who was started in vanilla is level 53 and has been my bank alt for years. Hello, my name is Ancient and I’m a failed Mage. Don’t tell anyone though.

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