Looking Forward – 4.3.2 and Cross Realm Raiding

I don’t know about everyone, but for me with this expansion, Blizzard has unleashed a feature bonanza.  From Real ID to Looking for Raid content has never been more accessible to more of the community.  Has it brought with it problems, of course it has, but to me, the benefits far outweigh the issues I’ve seen arise (mainly trolls within LFR, but honestly they have been around forever).   To me this new patch just adds to the bonanza with the ability to now form raids using Real ID (and hopefully in the future Battletags).

I’m really looking forward to this one, and I think a lot of the community is too.  I know on twitter and the blogosphere there is talk of doing raid nights and I know personally I will get the opportunity to see content that I haven’t been able to see before.  That and getting the opportunity to play in game with the people I talk to all the time on twitter and within the community is something I really look forward too.

I know some in the overall WoW community see this as the death of the traditional guild, but honestly I think they are wrong.  Raiding guilds will still exist because for progression you need a central place to pool assets and honestly it’s easier for coordination.  Other guilds will honestly still exist whether it’s because of guild perks or because of friends.

I think 4.3.2 will do a lot to re-energize the community.  I hope to raid with you all in the future.

As always comments/criticisms are welcome and appreciated.

I was waiting on permission to add this so it wasn’t in the original post, but Saz of World of Saz has created a website for people to get together and setup raids for the new LFR Raiding.  You can find us at Twitterland RaidingLook forward to seeing you all in game.

Wanted to add another quick note for two more sites that have decided to work with getting people together for cross realm raiding.  @vitaemachina has Sleepyhams  a mumble server that has been setup for people to get together and connect for raiding.  Additionally @_Reliq_ has setupLFRaid a place for people to setup profiles to create teams for cross realm raiding, has both EU and US capability.


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  1. I am with you, I think this patch is really going to make things better for everyone. I am looking forward to being able to raid with people I have met through blogging and twitter for sure.

  2. I agree with you — And I wonder if the ability to raid cross-realm may actually increase recruitment for some guilds. That’d probably be few and far between, but I could see it happening!

    Like you, I am really liking the ability to play with people I talk to everyday. 😀

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