Dealing with the Doldrums

Lately I’ve been going through what I would describe as a doldrum in game.  I have days where I just login and can’t decide what it is I want to do that day.  That’s normally when I’ll weigh my options and decide if playing is what I want to do or if I should do something else that day.  On rare days I’ll walk away, on most days my altitis kicks in and I’m off playing something new.

A lot of my enjoyment in WoW actually comes from the leveling experience and the challenge of learning to play something new, whether it is a new race in an existing class, a new faction or a spec I’ve never tried before.  Now I will admit in all of this there are actual classes I struggle playing (Warlock being a prime example), but I try not to let that dissuade me from pushing through.

One of the other ways I deal with this is to let my achievement hound take over and find a focus for the night.  I can honestly say that recently I spent eight hours doing nothing but archeology because I wanted the Diggerest and It Belongs in a Museum achievements.  I’ve also done similar things for reputation grinds (Skyguard) and to skills (Engineering from 1-450 in two nights w/o buying mats).

That being said, when I need to take a break I do, I read, I play other games, I get out and do things, I’m sure all of us have our own ways of dealing with doldrums, I’ve just been lucky enough to have a game that has enough different things to do within it, that I can always seem to find something new to try.

As always, comments, critiques and criticisms are always welcome and appreciated.  Let me know what you do to deal with your gaming doldrums.


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  1. Guys, I really do want feedback, so if you see anything wrong or anything I could be doing better, leave a comment here or use the link to shoot me an e-mail, any and all criticism are taken.

  2. I stream TV. I either pick a new series to watch or hound youtube for funny stuff.

    In game, I have not run out of things to do… but that is thanks to running with an awesome group of people that are funny and always doing stuff. Even if I am not working on my own thing there are others that want help on whatever their latest endeavor is.

    Give alliance a try, come and make and alt and check out the other side 🙂

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