How Did Blizzard do on the New Dungeons?

Every week over at  Blog Azeroth they put out a shared topic for bloggers to respond to.  Here is this weeks.

From Blog Azeroth Shared Topic 15-21 January 2012

“With a new year its a good time to reflect on the past and things that might of been overlooked.

We’re actually in the place we were before with the introduction of the ICC 5 mans and the End Time both serving the same goals. How did Blizzard handle it differently? How did the community?

A few thoughts:
Its become expected to look at videos and groups abuse those who don’t before venturing into the new content. Did Blizzard tune the encounters expecting that? Should they?
Last rollout the dungeons were introduced with an air similar to the Troll dungeons ‘this will be hard but worth it’. This rollout was far more ‘go and have fun’ did that change how people approached the design and going into the fights?


I believe that Blizzard hit the mark on the new dungeons.  The new dungeons due exactly what they are intended to do, they further the story of the Cataclysm along.  I think that Blizzard did a better job with these than they did with the ICC 5-mans they are more closely related to the raid and the final battle.  I think Blizzard handled this set differently in that they went more toward the story aspect that the difficulty aspect.  I’m sure most of us can remember the nightmare that was Halls of Reflection until we out geared it.  For the most part with JP vendors we are already outgeared for the current dungeons, so for me at least, I did nothing other than look at the dungeon journal prior to entering the new dungeons.  I know people studied these dungeons whether through running them on PTR or watching videos of those who did, but with few exceptions the mechanics of the dungeons themselves are not hard.

Do I think how the dungeons were presented changed how people approached them.  Most definitely.  Most people look at the Zul dungeons with trepidation, I’ve seen more people willing to jump in immediately into the Hour of Twilight dungeons  Overall I think it has been a fitting end to what has been a relatively intense and challenging expansion.


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