Why I Chose Shaman as My Main

I don’t think it’s hard to tell between here and the things I talk about on twitter, I play a shaman first and foremost.  Enhancement is my first love, but I actually play all three specs.  I’m actually so bad that among my alts, I have at least one shaman of every possible race (Yes, that means I’m going to be rolling a Pandaren Shaman as well).    What most don’t know is that it isn’t how I started out.

The first time I ever logged into WoW was during the European Beta.  I was living over there at the time and being an Everquest Player, I wanted to try this game that was supposed to be a Everquest killer.  When I first logged in, I actually went alliance, my thought at the time was, alliance=good, horde=bad (I know better now), so shaman wasn’t even an option.  I rolled a night elf hunter.  I got him up to about 20 before the beta ended (was balancing play time with being a raider in EQ), and enjoyed playing him.  I then walked away from Warcraft.  It wasn’t that the game wasn’t enjoyable, it was that I didn’t really have the time.  I even walked away from EQ a little later that year and focused my gaming on FPS and solo RPG’s.  Things I could easily pause or walk away from.

I actually didn’t have anything to do with WoW again until 2008, just before WoTLK hit.  I was deployed and to pass the time, we actually setup a private server (couldn’t play on the live servers, no real non-blocked connections) and I rolled an undead mage to play with the guys I was there with.  Of course with it being a private server and us having god powers, we started at level 70 with BT gear, so there was no challenge, and no leveling, we just goofed around.  It was enough to plant the bug for me to want to play.

It took six months for me to go out and get the game,  I loaded up the game, went out to Llane-US, my buddy’s server and rolled an undead mage named Kilidar.  I ran him arcane, and started to level him thru Eastern Kingdoms.  I very quickly got frustrated with the number of deaths (this was well before I realized I should level frost) and started looking for another class to try.

After talking it over with my buddy and talking about what the guild needed I settled on shaman.   I then looked at races.  At the time I wasn’t overly fond of the Trolls or the Orcs so I decided to go Tauren.  This is not a decision I regret.  As I ran thru Mulgore and into the Barrens, I fell more in love with the nobility of the Tauren, and can honestly say even now, they are my favorite race.  And with that Bulidar was born.

As I leveled him, I came to truly enjoy the game play of the shaman and once I hit 10 decided I wanted to melee, so I went enhancement,  I’ve never looked back.  To me enhancement is still the most fun to play.

Bulidar will probably always be my main, he’s my completionist, I have the most titles with him, and hopefully this year come Children’s Week he’ll get his purple drake.

Thanks for reading my little tale and as always, any comments are appreciated.


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  1. A post after my own heart! Enhancment shamans always appealed to me the most because they’re in the thick of things – getting their hands dirty. Elemental/Resto probably have greater control of the elements, but Enhancement says “screw that, Imma light me some fire-axes and bash some heads in!” Elemental shamans channel the elements for dramatic results. Enhancement shamans let the elements reflect their fighting. To me that was pretty cool.

    And I just can’t play ranged =P

    • I actually have an 85 ele/resto shaman as well that I play, but it just isn’t as fun as Enhance.

      • I have an 85 ele/resto too, but she just sits there fulfilling my need to have a shaman on the Horde side as well as Ally.

        I run dungeons on her occasionally, but then I get really confused when maelstrom doesn’t proc.


    Up until minutes ago I was almost 100% that the first horde I was going to cap was a CowDK… now I don’t know, it might have to be a tauren shamman.

    I have tried and failed to take a horde to level cap yet, actually even any shamman for that matter, I have one mid 70s right no stuck in a server I don’t play in anymore.

    Now if shammans could tank, I would be sold 🙂

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